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Mailand – San Remo Radfernfahrt – zurück zu den Ursprüngen

Mailand – San Remo Radfernfahrt – zurück zu den Ursprüngen

With the 2014 edition, the Granfondo Milan – San Remo rediscovers the spirit of the original, with the formula adopted throughout the 70s.

The increase in traffic on the the roads covered by the event, which faithfully traces the course followed by the professionals, with the great connecting roads like the Pavese and Aurelia highways, and the increase in accidents, including some serious ones, during the amateur race, has convinced UC Sanremo to reconsider the motivation that has driven the greatest amateur cycling event during the last 40 years: following the route of the Spring Classicissima, where the greatest cycling champions have competed.

The organizing structure and the economic investment remain that of the longest Granfondo in the world, with the village at the start, the souvenir T-shirt included in the race pack, the motorcycle couriers and the refreshments along the route and the pasta party at the arrival. Above all what remains is the dedicated staff of over 40 people who take care of the organization of the event.

The timing of the event from the start to the finish also remains, and participants will be able to obtain a record of their time by printing out their certificate.

The spirit of the event will return to be purely about cicloturistico. Gone will be the classification rankings, interpreted by too many in an excessively competitive manner over the last few years, culminating with the disqualification of the 2013 winner, a professional still active in the sport who had not declared this to be his status.

The Granfondo Milano-San Remo Cicloturistica is still the occasion to experience a weekend of celebration dedicated to the art of cycling, to mix with athletes that come from 5 continents, to test yourself on the longest cycling road race in the world, but with the full awareness that it is impossible to close and guard major roads for an amateur event.

The award ceremony also remains, with a prize pool of several thousand Euro. The prizes will be distributed by drawing lots among the participants who are present at the pasta party: a way of creating a party within a party!

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