On this page we have collected the questions which we are asked most often.  We are also at your disposal to answer any questions you might have:  write to us!



Is it possible to have the facility of following the route? 

It is possible to have the means of following the entire route, except on the Turchino, where the accompanying cars must take the A26 autostrada to Ovada, and can re-enter the ordinary roads at Genoa Voltri.

Is there a transport service for luggage from the start in Milan to the arrival in San Remo?  

The organisation will provide a bus in the area of the starting point for the collection of luggage.

Small bags and back-packs will be sent directly with the bus provided by the organization. This service is offered free of charge.  There is no need to book the service. The organisation accepts no responsibility for the safekeeping of luggage. Luggage will be unloaded at the Palafiori in San Remo.

Suitcases and bicycle bags will be transported on request and will be left in the hall of the hotel of departure. This service requires payment and can be arranged on the site at the same time as booking the hotel. The baggage will be picked up from the affiliated hotel in Milan and delivered to the affiliated hotel in San Remo.

Are there different starting grids? 

The event provides only one starting grid.

Where can supplies be found?

OVADA (food and beverages)
SPOTORNO (food and beverages)
CAPO BERTA (only beverages)
and… SAN REMO Pasta Party !

In the case of a physical or mechanical problem to the bicycle that prevents me from participating in the competition, how can I return?  

The organization makes available the services of a mechanic who helps the participants along the route.  The cell phone number of the mechanic will be given along with the race pack.
In addition the organization has at its disposal a vehicle that can help competitors who abandon the competition.


Arriving by plane at Milan Malpensa, how is it possible to reach Trezzano sul Naviglio?

Nyala Wonder Travel will be happy to arrange transfers for you.    All you have to do is send an email with the website contact form.
Alternatively we advise you to take the Malpensa Express train to Cadorna FN station, and from there take the Metro Red line in the direction of Bisceglie and get off at the terminus. From there you take bus number 327.

Can you take bicycles on Italian trains?               

Taking bicycles on regional trains is permitted, whereas for intercity trains it is required to put the bicycle in a carrying bag.  It is necessary to pay a supplement directly to the railway ticket office.

How do you reach the center of Milan from the area of the starting point?

Download here  the map of the Milan Metro

Can you take bicycles on the Milan Metro?  
The current regulation of the Milan metro states that it is possible to transport a bicycle free of charge from 10:30 to 16:00 in the carriages marked with the “Free Transit Bike” symbol, generally the 2nd and the 5th carriages.
It’s possible to transport luggage on the Metro providing it does not exceed 90 cm in length, with the payment of a supplement equal to 1 ticket (€ 1.50 as of 3/4/2016):  a bike-carrying travel bag, in accordance with the regulation, would not be permitted.

Are the schedules of the return buses fixed?    

The time-table of the buses returning to Milan are indicative.  Considering the time needed for loading and anchoring bikes and the variable arrival times of the competitors, there may be significant delays.  It is our intention not to leave anyone behind.  For this reason if you have a combination of travel arrangements with strict schedules, we encourage you to contact us so that we can help you come up with a personalized solution.

Please note: Increasingly there are bands of thieves who target cycling races at the international level.

Never leave your vehicle unlocked or unattended, particularly when your bicycle and equipment are on board.

The organization is not liable for any thefts or damage to vehicles and their contents.